Edson Yanaga

Java Champion and former 7x Microsoft MVP. Empowering developers worldwide as Staff Developer Relations Engineer, Wallet Lead, at Google.

97 Things

20 May 2020

"97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know" is a book published by O'Reilly that was released in May 2020. As the title suggests, it collects 97 expert advices from Java leaders and practitioners to push the reader's Java skills to the next level.

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Capturing your MacOS computer audio in a BlueJeans meeting with OBS

11 April 2020

So you're already streaming great content over your OBS setup, but you want to add the functionality of joining a BlueJeans (replace with your favorite virtual meeting application like Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx...) meeting and sharing it with your stream. If you already tried, you've noticed that the video capture is not a problem, but you don't have the meeting audio in your stream. Well, then this post is for you.

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Why you should do what you do

10 April 2020

This page is a demo that shows everything you can do inside portfolio and blog posts. We've included everything you need to create engaging posts about your work, and show off your case studies in a beautiful way.

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